Tuesday, 18 June 2019

How to Stop Mind reading.Thinking too much what others are thinking

Sometimes referred to as "mind reading" ,of course we cant do this.Its a very common issue I treat at my clinic

With any habit , they way to reprogram it is too recognise it , interrupt it , ,and replace it with a more realistic healthy way of thinking. Because all habits are created by repetition and reinforcement. In the same way you learnt to become a mind reader , your learning not to think so much about what you think others are thinking. Because usually their not. Their more caught up in their own stuff.
Of course it doesn't mean we should never think what other are thinking, but just the over worrier style of thinking.
How to do this.
1 . The Mindful approach.
Gently let the thoughts in , dont fight them, gently ask yourself is this likely , usual answer is No. And gently let the though float back out. The idea is to "gently" recognise that way of thinking , and just practice not connecting with it. Because its the energy or connectivity with  these thoughts that give them power. Over time a new habit is created of not listening to them until the brain just stops over thinking.. You dont even have to fully believe in the process ,the technique will work as you practice. There only thoughts not facts.

Remember the mind reading habit ,that other people are thinking about you in a negative- critical way, says more about your own though process.
And not too be listened too .Its not based in reality

Save if some of it is true. That someone is thinking about me in a critical.
 way?For most people who call them self worriers ,its 99% not true.
But if it is. One of the most powerful techniques in modern psychotherapy. Is to accept yourself , warts and all. Practice total love and acceptance of yourself. Many studies show that this increases your self esteem.

CBT  [Cognitive Behavioural therapy]
Very similar approach and often CBT is combined with Mindful Meditation.
The term used sometimes ,Catch it, Check it, Change it.
Catch the though , is it likely to be real , answer no .Change it too what's probably real.
Sometime write down the thoughts and look at them. This can give you distance and control over your style of thinking. You may start to notice a pattern. Sometime an app is used to do this.

Use either the Mindful or CBT approach. Which ever speaks to you.
Also using self hypnosis to remind yourself, next time you notice any of these mind reading worry thoughts I'm not going to connect with them.
This puts a suggestion into your subconscious to "let go of this old habit"

It roughly takes form 6 - 8 weeks to create any new habit.
There will be success and failure on the way. Practice makes perfect. Because "What your mind has created it can undo"
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Monday, 10 June 2019

Why Hypnosis really is scientifically sound

I'm am very impressed when I hear some of my clients have been recommend to "Get some Mindfulness " by their GP when they say they suffer from anxiety or depression.
Instead of the GP writing a script for antidepressants. Of course they have their uses.
Sometimes people can get sick of hearing about Mindful Meditation, its all the rage. But for good reason. There is hard science to prove its efficacy.
Over time it has positive effect on the hypo-campus.When we get prolonged depression , it actually shrinks. It has a powerful effect on our emotions.
So whats this got to do with hypnosis?When I first did a Mindful meditation with CBT seminar with some of my hypnosis colleagues . It made use smile how similar it is to hypnosis, in so many ways.
"Take a deep breath , let your muscles relax , notice your feet on the ground and go deeper. " Was the first instruction from the practitioner. Exactly what me and my colleagues would do during hypnosis induction.
For me an ,any others ,Mindful mediation combined with CBT Cognitive behavioural Therapy is a form of hypnosis.Sometimes very similar , some times exactly the same.
Calming your mind and body , being mindful [aware] of your thoughts , challenging and gently changing some of them in a deep calm state. Sound familiar?
A rose by any other name is still a rose.
Ergo if Mindful mediation is scientifically proven , so is Hypnosis.But I feel hypnotherapy includes much more.
Sounds simple comparison , but its evidently true.
I suppose where hypnotherapy and Mindful meditation diverge is that hypnotherapy includes many psychotherapy techniques. For example hypo-analysis[psychoanalysis], getting to repressed memories of feelings. Many other psycho sensory techniques are used. Hypnosis creates the trance state, and what you do in trance is the Therapy. This wouldn't be common in a Mindful meditation class.

Having said that. I have colleagues that are trained psychotherapist who have recently learn some mindfulness techniques and combine them with there already learned skills.This would be closer to Hypnotherapy. I
I so glad to hear Hypnosis mentioned more and more on the radio and Tv as a effective Treatment.
Even seen it mentioned as a effective treatment on the HSE website.This is Ireland national Health service.
I have sometimes recommend for clients after finishing therapy with me to join a Mindful Meditation class. Gentler and more general , which is great after a client has worked through some challenging emotions.
To be fare in the past there where many very average hypnotherapists. They came from the entertainment business and while they where excellent as entertainers , had limited skills as clinical hypnotherapist, Often only using "suggestion therapy"
Today we live in the information age. A good trained hypnotherapist who is a member of a governing body , who use all of the many psychotherapy techniques via trance to create long lasting change.
I really believe that hypnosis is one of the y best ways to help you to FEEL better. Identify and re programme old limiting habit.

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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

5 Ways hypnosis will help you lose weight

How will hypnosis help you to lose weight.

1 Identifying and reprograming habits.
Hypnosis helps you to access your subconscious motivations why you over eat .And replaces them with healthy ways of eating and exercising. Identifying why, where, how you over eat is so important for long-term change.
Using will power is always a part of your weight loss plan. But when your willpower wains the old eating habits kick back in.
The secret is of course is not to  just rely on will power. Creating new  eating  habits. Not using food as a way to deal with life's issues.

2 Setting goals.
Setting goals in trance. Sends instruction to your subconscious mind to find ways to create  healthy eating habits ,and now its time to lose weigh. The power lies within you.The aim is to create new life long habits. Thats way sometime diets don't last. As soon as the willpower  goes, the old programme kicks back in.

3 Selling the benefits
 Focus on all the wonderful benefits of creating healthy eating habits. You will look better. This may increase your self confidence. You will get more energy, feel better over all. Its so worth it, your so worth it.

4 Seeing yourself the weight you want to be.
Can help instruct your deeper mind what to work on. Seeing is believing to your deeper mind. These visual suggestions are remember and played out as you dream. When we sleep at night our subconscious does a lot of work. So when people say sleep on a problem, that really happens. So when you wake in the morning the suggestion to create new healthy eating lifestyle has been set.

5 Getting in touch with your emotional intelligence.
In trance there is more brain connectivity. Your subconscious and conscious mind are more connected. Often people have a conflict/struggle between the two. Your conscious mind knows that eating chocolate everyday is bad for you. But your emotional mind still wants it.
In trance you have more access to your emotional mind, this is where the real powerful work is done.
You can change how you FEEL about food, not just how you think about it. Also powerful suggestions can be directed into your deeper mind to act as an impulse to remind you to, put down that cake. Think how great you will feel.
It takes on average 6-8weeks to create any new habits. After that a new healthier habit is created,
And remember habits are hard to break, especially the good ones.
Of course all change takes time and effort. There can be bumps on the road. But what your mind has created your mind can undo.
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Tuesday, 23 April 2019

How Hypnosis Will Help You Stop Smoking


Can hypnosis really help me quit?
I really believe it can.I have helped many clients to stop smoking .Often clients come to me after trying everything else.Nicotine gum/patches,e cigarettes. Nothing has worked.Why is this?They may deal with the physical somewhat,but not the psychological.In trance hypnosis helps you identify the triggers and psychological association you have with smoking.Hypnotherapy aims to deals  with the physical and psychological triggers.What you once got from[endorphin rush] smoking you will get from releasing your own bodies endorphin.
Some clients find it so easy to stop,some find they have to make more of an effort ,some even find it hard.But if you stick with the programme your should get there .Smoke free .Its so worth it.
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Benefits of stopping smoking are enormous.
Have way more energy.Feel much healthy.Save money.think how much money you will save as you stop smoking now.Lower risks of heart decease,cancer,stroke,bad skin.

Stop smoking tips
Think of the benefits of stopping. How much more energy you will have , how good you will feel.Think of the money you will save. You will be in fact giving yourself a pay rise. This will motivate you.
Think of the adverse effects,heart decease,cancer,stroke etc.Also will motivate you.
Use healthy alternative ways to satisfy any cravings eg When having craving drink some water,eat fruit.Take deep slow breath.Caving only lasts few minutes..Keep away from places you associate with smoking.maybe avoid you local bar for two weeks.Listen to hypnosis CD

How to stop smoking
Make a decision.More important than you may think.Once you've decided to quit.It will act like a GPS in your subconscious to find a way.Understand there can be setbacks when leaving any habit behind.Find a qualified hypnotherapist.
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What does hypnosis feel like
When was the last time you were in a hypnotic trance? When you just woke up in the morning,day dreaming.Trance is a natural state that we fall into several times a day.You will feel fully aware and can wake up at any moment.Its not like stage hypnosis at all.In fact clinical hypnosis is generally a very relaxing experience.
Its not stage hypnosis
What I mean by this that its not magic,even though sometimes it seems that way.Its not like I click my fingers you go into some zonked out state then your cured.I help the client to help them selves.Its still up to you.Don't get me wrong,you are more that quadrupling your chances to stop smoking forever.
Disclaimer:Results may vary from person to person

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

5 ways Hypnosis can help you conquer Anxiety

Hypnosis can help with anxiety in many ways.

1.Systematic relaxation.
What’s is unique about hypnosis that it really helps the client to relax. To calm their nervous system.
The sympathetic nervous system is what’s gets us anxious, the parasympathetic is what calms us back down. I
 still find it amazing seeing a client  learning to control their anxiety. Sometimes a client will say " I haven't relaxed like that in years" Even after taking medication or attending relaxation classes, Hypnosis uses deepners help your nervous system stand down. 
So by using deep breathing, visualisation, positive suggestions you are helped to activate the parasympathetic. Often reaching very deep states of calmness. Training your amygdala to switch off.Talking therapy can be very helpful.but often not enough. So using practical solution focused amygdala desensitisation techniques along with talking therapy,creates much better results.
Of course we need some anxiety and stress in life, to keep us Sharpe. But when it becomes toxic. Its counterproductive. And what we practice get better at.

2.Suggestions Therapy
So as we relax we are more ready to except new positive suggestions. It’s easier to challenge old toxic negative thoughts. This is similar to cognitive therapy CBT. But sometimes with CBT clients can see how to change how they think, but not always how they feel. Hypnosis works on both levels. How we speak to ourselves is so important. We need to be mindful of our internal dialog. How we think can become our reality.

In trance you can emotionally relieve a happy memory. Thus releasing happy hormones. Changing how you feel. Then future pacing the feeling. Seeing yourself in the future with this calm, confident feelings/thoughts.
This is a technique I use a lot with great success. Clients often love this technique the most. It can help you  to FEEL good so quickly. So for someone  who has been suffering from anxiety , being able to relax and feel good is so important for them. Powerful state management technique.
Negative revivification can help you identify and change subconscious programs.

Solution focused
Get in touch with your. inner resources. Amplify them. Help you to become solution focused. Instead of focusing on the problem. And of course being more relaxed helps a great deal. Being solution focused as opposed to being problem focused actually changes how your brain works.

I still find it amazing seeing a client  learning to control their anxiety. Sometimes a client will say " I haven't relaxed like that in years" Even after taking medication or attending relaxation classes, Hypnosis uses Deepeners to help your nervous system stand down. The Elman induction is a great way to a achieve this, Then that state is anchored and the subconscious is trained to apply this state in any situation that is required. Of course other helpful states can also be accessed eg ,confidence ,motivation ,belief ,etc.. Remember what your mind has created your mind can undo. Neuro science has shown that are minds are most plastic then we though, so were always learning all through our lives. Hypnosis helps open that gateway

Hypno- analysis [psychoanalysis]
Using hypnosis to regress back to memories and events that shape our present beliefs and feelings.
Sometimes events of our past haven't been properly or fully worked through. Sometimes called the frozen present. Theses events in our past can be running negative programmes in our subconscious mind. For some reason we just cant shake a belief or feeling about ourselves. Even though logically we know they aren't true. So by accessing and re-framing these events with the wisdom of now, the past subconscious programmes are identified and let behind. If you can see it, you don't have to be it. We can carry these feelings around for years. But once given the chance ,we can let go of them as quick as they came.
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Friday, 14 September 2018

Mary K on how hypnosis helped her Stop Smoking

I tried everything, nicotine patches, hse stop smoking course. Nothing worked. Hypnosis was the last option. Wasn't even convinced that it would work. I was amazed how easy it was to stop smoking. That's two years ago. Highly recomend it
Mary K


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only 120 euro for stop smoking session [one session] for April & May 2019

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Hypnosis for Teenagers

In the last 5 years I have been treating more and more teenagers for issues of Anxiety, stress, low self esteem. Sometimes these issues cause these young clients to miss a lot of school. Parents ask me "do I work with teenager, will hypnosis work for someone of that age" I do understand why they ask this. But in my experience Teenagers usually respond quicker than adults. The teenage years is a great time of neuro plasticity, the brains ability to change. They don't have the same amount of baggage as an adult. Even though they are suffering they don't have as much Sinicism as us adults. A 15 year will often change their minds so often about their interests. This ability  for change can be greatly utilised in therapy. Often the teenage client comes in with the attitude , I'm here to let go of this issue. They often seem to fully engage and respond to the techniques. Even if they've been traumatized , their belief in the ability for positive change is very strong. They often expect it to work. Even if they don't show this at first. They have an incredible ability to create new neural pathways. Of course everyone responds at different rate, no one client is the same .In short the teenage years is a great time for positive change when pointed in the right direction.