Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Hypnosis for Teenagers

In the last 5 years I have been treating more and more teenagers for issues of Anxiety, stress, low self esteem. Sometimes these issues cause these young clients to miss a lot of school. Parents ask me "do I work with teenager, will hypnosis work for someone of that age" I do understand why they ask this. But in my experience Teenagers usually respond quicker than adults. The teenage years is a great time of neuro plasticity, the brains ability to change. They don't have the same amount of baggage as an adult. Even though they are suffering they don't have as much Sinicism as us adults. A 15 year will often change their minds so often about their interests. This ability  for change can be greatly utilised in therapy. Often the teenage client comes in with the attitude , I'm here to let go of this issue. They often seem to fully engage and respond to the techniques. Even if they've been traumatized , their belief in the ability for positive change is very strong. They often expect it to work. Even if they don't show this at first. They have an incredible ability to create new neural pathways. Of course everyone responds at different rate, no one client is the same .In short the teenage years is a great time for positive change when pointed in the right direction.

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