Tuesday, 18 June 2019

How to Stop Mind reading.Thinking too much what others are thinking

Sometimes referred to as "mind reading" ,of course we cant do this.Its a very common issue I treat at my clinic

With any habit , they way to reprogram it is too recognise it , interrupt it , ,and replace it with a more realistic healthy way of thinking. Because all habits are created by repetition and reinforcement. In the same way you learnt to become a mind reader , your learning not to think so much about what you think others are thinking. Because usually their not. Their more caught up in their own stuff.
Of course it doesn't mean we should never think what other are thinking, but just the over worrier style of thinking.
How to do this.
1 . The Mindful approach.
Gently let the thoughts in , dont fight them, gently ask yourself is this likely , usual answer is No. And gently let the though float back out. The idea is to "gently" recognise that way of thinking , and just practice not connecting with it. Because its the energy or connectivity with  these thoughts that give them power. Over time a new habit is created of not listening to them until the brain just stops over thinking.. You dont even have to fully believe in the process,the technique will work as you practice. There only thoughts not facts.

Remember the mind reading habit ,that other people are thinking about you in a negative- critical way, says more about your own though process.
And not too be listened too.Its not based in reality

Save if some of it is true.That someone is thinking about me in a critical.
 way?For most people who call them self worriers ,its 99% not true.
But if it is. One of the most powerful techniques in modern psychotherapy. Is to accept yourself , warts and all. Practice total love and acceptance of yourself.Many studies show that this increases your self esteem.

CBT  [Cognitive Behavioural therapy]
Very similar approach and often CBT is combined with Mindful Meditation.
The term used sometimes ,Catch it, Check it, Change it.
Catch the though , is it likely to be real , answer no.Change it too whats probably real.
Sometime write down the thoughts and look at them.This can give you distance and control over your style of thinking.You may start to notice a pattern. Sometime an app is used to do this.

Use either the Mindful or CBT approach. Which every speaks to you.
Also using self hypnosis to remind yourself next time you notice any of these mind reading worry thoughts I'm not going to connect with them.
This puts a suggestion into your subconscious to "let go of this old habit"

It roughly takes form 6 - 8 weeks to create any new habit.
There will be success and failure on the way. Practice makes perfect. Because "What your mind has created it can undo"

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