Monday, 10 June 2019

Why Hypnosis really is scientifically sound

I'm am very impressed when I hear some of my clients have been recommend to "Get some Mindfulness " by their GP when they say they suffer from anxiety or depression.
Instead of the GP writing a script for antidepressants. Of course they have their uses.
Sometimes people can get sick of hearing about Mindful Meditation, its all the rage. But for good reason. There is hard science to prove its efficacy.
Over time it has positive effect on the hypo-campus.When we get prolonged depression , it actually shrinks. It has a powerful effect on our emotions.
So whats this got to do with hypnosis?When I first did a Mindful meditation with CBT seminar with some of my hypnosis colleagues . It made use smile how similar it is to hypnosis, in so many ways.
"Take a deep breath , let your muscles relax , notice your feet on the ground and go deeper. " Was the first instruction from the practitioner. Exactly what me and my colleagues would do during hypnosis induction.
For me an ,any others ,Mindful mediation combined with CBT Cognitive behavioural Therapy is a form of hypnosis.Sometimes very similar , some times exactly the same.
Calming your mind and body , being mindful [aware] of your thoughts , challenging and gently changing some of them in a deep calm state. Sound familiar?
A rose by any other name is still a rose.
Ergo if Mindful mediation is scientifically proven , so is Hypnosis.But I feel hypnotherapy includes much more.
Sounds simple comparison , but its evidently true.
I suppose where hypnotherapy and Mindful meditation diverge is that hypnotherapy includes many psychotherapy techniques. For example hypo-analysis[psychoanalysis], getting to repressed memories of feelings. Many other psycho sensory techniques are used. Hypnosis creates the trance state, and what you do in trance is the Therapy. This wouldn't be common in a Mindful meditation class.

Having said that. I have colleagues that are trained psychotherapist who have recently learn some mindfulness techniques and combine them with there already learned skills.This would be closer to Hypnotherapy. I
I so glad to hear Hypnosis mentioned more and more on the radio and Tv as a effective Treatment.
Even seen it mentioned as a effective treatment on the HSE website.This is Ireland national Health service.
I have sometimes recommend for clients after finishing therapy with me to join a Mindful Meditation class. Gentler and more general , which is great after a client has worked through some challenging emotions.
To be fare in the past there where many very average hypnotherapists. They came from the entertainment business and while they where excellent as entertainers , had limited skills as clinical hypnotherapist, Often only using "suggestion therapy"
Today we live in the information age. A good trained hypnotherapist who is a member of a governing body , who use all of the many psychotherapy techniques via trance to create long lasting change.
I really believe that hypnosis is one of the y best ways to help you to FEEL better. Identify and re programme old limiting habit.

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