Friday, 20 May 2016


  1. Revivification.
This is my favourite technique. First I get the client to go into trance. Then get them to emotionally relive a memory. We do this naturally. Maybe talking with friends we recall a pleasant memory. Maybe laugh or smile as we tell it.We relive it in some way. In trance often these memories and the feelings can be more intense.
So this helps us to release happy hormones, endorphins .Serotonin, dopamine etc. .We release our own brains medication, our own antidepressant. I've had great results with this. Clients love the effect of this memory.
Giving them some natural relief from their low mood. Some control.
This technique often sets up all the other ones .As a client starts to FEEL better .Its easier to accept positive suggestions.This technique sets hypnosis apart from other therapy. Hypnosis has many deepning techniques that help you go into such a deep state of relaxation.

2. All or nothing thinking 
In trance black and white thinking can be challenged and changed for more subjective ones. This type of thinking is very common with depression. Any other distorted ways of unhelpful thinking can be also challenged at a deep level. How we talk to ourselves is so important. Hypnosis is a great way to plant positive suggestions deep into the subconscious.

3.Accessing the root cause.
Sometimes there can be an initial forgotten/repressed trauma locked in our subconscious .Hypnosis can act as a short cut to your subconscious mind. Its amazing watching clients accessing a memory from 20 yes ago that they completely forgotten about.The memory was forgotten, but the effects still remain. By releasing it, we can reprocess it as an adult .Leaving behind the old reaction to it.

It still give me a great sense of satisfaction siting  four feet away from someone, watching their mood change.
Sometimes after only 20 mins. Of course these techniques have to be practiced over and over again before long-term results are achieved.
Hope this short Blog may encourages you to try hypnosis for yourself. I know many

can be  sceptical about hypnotherapy. But that's only natural .I would be the same myself.
Some clients come to me who are slightly sceptical. They come often because they have tried everything else .But when they start to get results. Belief follows .Please contact if you have any questions .Only too glad to help. Email me or ring for Free phone consultation.
all the very best
Ger Griffin

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