Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Fear of needles

My name is Ger Griffin.I am a clinical hypnotherapist.www.hypnosis-dublin.com
I had the the woderfull experience of tasting my own medicine.I just went for minor lowerback spinal injection in hospital.To be honest was'nt looking forward to having a huge needle being stuck into my lower spine.Epidural injection into the L4 vertabrae to be exact.Hypnotherapists like myself often get into the field to deal with their own issues.Neddles beng one of mine.As I write this the effects of the local anaesthatic hasn't worn off yet.So maybe some spelling/text errors.I'm sure you will forgive me.
When I first arrived outside the hospital.My anxiety started to rise.My nevous system was telling me to"go"back home to safety.I took deep breath and released a relaxed anchor.This reduced my anxiety from 6 right down to 2.Sacle from 1 -10.First hurdle done.Relax anchor is practiced previously.In trance I visualise a relaxed memory,access the relaxed safe feeeling.Anchor it by putting thimb and forefinger together.Anchoring means ur body /mind remembers that feeling,those reassuring thoughts.
I then go into the main area of the hospital.Sit outside the xray dept.Where my procedure will happen.
Anxiety starts again,7 out of ten.Its really gioing to happen.I take deep breath and release anchor  again.
Then I do EFT Tapping.Serious of tapping points of body.Brought anxiety down to 2/3.Not bad.
I register at reception.Before I know it,there taking me to get ready for nerve block.The nurse gives me all the info.Calms my nerves,tells me,won't be too painfull.It should go very well.I listen carefully.Because these are hypnotic suggestions in themselves.
Im on the table now.Surrounded by  cylnder xray machine.My heart starts to race as they prepare.Another deep breath,release relax anchor.Heart starts to slow.They start with local anaestheic.Tiny pain.
Now for the big needle.In it goes.Feel pressure.I releax myself.Not feeling too bad at all.
Little more pain as the move needle around.They inject the medice into my spine.Take out needle.Its over.
My anxiety I kept under control.The nurse asks me"how was it""not to bad at all"and I smile.
Well done self hypnosis.My own medicine worked.
The background to this story.My farther died in this hospital.Also we suspect mistakes where made.No wonder I had anxiety.I had to relax away those negative thoughts/memories.
Feeling not to bad.Final thing,anchor in my subconscious that next time,no need for anxiety.The mind and body remenbersGot a taxi home.Had a chat with the driver.He was so nice.Shuck my hand and said"hope ur back gets better soon.Support of any kind is so important.
Sitting at home,with nice cup of hot tea writting blog.So pleased got to taste my own medice,as a clinical hypnothrapist.Not for the firs time.
Hope my story was helpfull to anyone going to hospital or the dentist.Theres always a way.
All the best.
Ger Griffinwww.hypnosis-dublin.com

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