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Mon, Jun 11, 6:44 PM (4 days ago)
This is my answer to a discussion on YouTube about the use of Meds[medication]
for the treatment of anxiety, depression,
So much of what she is saying makes sense.Of course some people do need meds. But for me shouldn't always be the first choice. Sometimes proper appropriate therapy with exercise and nutrition can often be an alternative. Or can be used in conjunction with meds. Ive seen hypnosis successfully help clients without meds. Although some clients do need them. With anxiety and depression talking therapy is very powerfully but often psycho sensory therapy is needed. Clients often ring me saying that they've done a lot of talk therapy, but they still feel anxious or depressed. So I help clients to desensitize their nervous system. These are active psychotherapy techniques, not talking therapy . Simply put helping the client using hypnosis to manage their emotional states.To reach deep states of relaxation and calm, to get their body and mind to release their own brains endorphins, So they can FEEL CALMER ,opposite of anxiety. So they can FEEL BEETER, opposite of feeling depression. Then combine this with CBT and other talking therapies. So hypnotherapy can help you replace antidepressants with your own brains antidepressants. Im not saying this is like magic, everyone responds at a different rate. It is not like what you see on a TV hypnosis show, Hypnosis helps you to help yourself. In my 10 yrs of practice, ive seen many people successfully treat their anxiety or depression without meds, or at a reduced level. This is something I feel passionate about. Im always learning, my mind is never closed.
As science moves forward the meds will have less side effects. But ultimately the cure lies within. You cant medicate a negative bias way of thinking.
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