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5 ways hypnosis can help you to lose weight

How will hypnosis help you to lose weight.

1 Identifying and reprograming habits.
Hypnosis helps you to access your subconscious motivations why you over eat .And replaces them with healthy ways of eating and exercising. Identifying why, where, how you over eat is so important for long-term change.
Using will power is always a part of your weight loss plan. But when your willpower wains the old eating habits kick back in.
The secret is of course is not to  just rely on will power. Creating new  eating  habits. Not using food as a way to deal with life's issues.

2 Setting goals.
Setting goals in trance. Sends instruction to your subconscious mind to find ways to create  healthy eating habits ,and now its time to lose weigh. The power lies within you.The aim is to create new life long habits. Thats way sometime diets don't last. As soon as the willpower  goes, the old programme kicks back in.

3 Selling the benefits
 Focus on all the wonderful benefits of creating healthy eating habits. You will look better. This may increase your self confidence. You will get more energy, feel better over all. Its so worth it, your so worth it.

4 Seeing yourself the weight you want to be.
Can help instruct your deeper mind what to work on. Seeing is believing to your deeper mind. These visual suggestions are remember and played out as you dream. When we sleep at night our subconscious does a lot of work. So when people say sleep on a problem, that really happens. So when you wake in the morning the suggestion to create new healthy eating lifestyle has been set.

5 Getting in touch with your emotional intelligence.
In trance there is more brain connectivity. Your subconscious and conscious mind are more connected. Often people have a conflict/struggle between the two. Your conscious mind knows that eating chocolate everyday is bad for you. But your emotional mind still wants it.
In trance you have more access to your emotional mind, this is where the real powerful work is done.
You can change how you FEEL about food, not just how you think about it. Also powerful suggestions can be directed into your deeper mind to act as an impulse to remind you to, put down that cake. Think how great you will feel.
It takes on average 6-8weeks to create any new habits. After that a new healthier habit is created,
And remember habits are hard to break, especially the good ones.
Of course all change takes time and effort. There can be bumps on the road. But what your mind has created your mind can undo.
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