Thursday, 22 September 2016

Tinnitus can be treated with hypnosis

My name is Ger Griffin, I am a professional Hypnotherapist & psychotherapist.
 I've had great success with treating tinnitus. I am a tinnitus sufferer myself and have had it for over 10yrs.I can honestly say that I've reduced my tinnitus by 95%.
I started treating my tinnitus when training in hypnosis. I first used direct suggestion therapy, then indirect.
Eg using a symbol to trigger reduction in the tinnitus.
Six months later someone in a bar asked me, "how is your tinnitus". And I had forgotten I had tinnitus.
This was a real light bulb moment for me.
Tinnitus can cause real suffering. And I get great pleasure in teaching clients to tune out their unwanted friend.
We all ready have the ability to tune out almost any sound. Our brains can only handle so much information. Ever been so engrossed in your favourite TV programme that you don't notice a car alarm going on outside . Its coming to a cliff hanger. Everything else gets pushed to the background.
Using this process, suggestions to ignore and payless attention to the unwanted stimulus[tinnitus] are direct deep into the subconscious. The control room of the mind and body. I give the client  a CD/MP3 after the session to reinforce these suggestions. The client listens to them at least 3 time a week for six weeks. It takes 6-8 weeks to learn/imprint any new habit. Of course everyone responds at a different rate.
The tinnitus doesn't go. But you should notice far less. Many clients say that they reach a state where it just doesn't bother them anymore.
This of course requires the client to put time and effort into the process. Its not magic. But the effort will be so worth the results.

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