Friday, 5 February 2016

Why hypnosis is so successful for treating Anxiety

I really do beleieve that hypnosis is such a powerful tool for treating anxiety.Having successfully treated many clients who suffer from anxiety/panic/stress.It still gives me great satisfaction watching a client leraning to control/reduce/elimante their anxiety.
Then how is hypnosis so good for this.As someone once said to me.It really gets at the anxiety.Of  course finding out the root cause of anxiety is so important.Identifying negative self talk.Healing and reprocessing old trauma memories.Most decient psychotherapy will help you achieve this.
But the first I do with a client is help them relax.Before we do any analysis.Talking deep breaths,progrssive relaxation techniques.Positive healing visualizations.Because clients FEEL anxious. Don't.Don't under estimate how useful relaxation is.
Hypnosis can really help you achieve deep states of relaxation.For some who has been suffering from crippling anxiety,its so powerful.I use a technique called revivification. This.This is where you emotionally relieve a memory.First Talk the client down into trance.Then the get the client to relive a happy/relaxed memory,maybe a time when they felt so safe.But its the feelings that are most important.Releasing feelings of calmness.
Clients often say that their not sure if they can do this.Its always me me smile a little.Because once you go down into trance.Its often quit easy to release these endorphin memories.Because this ability is already within us.We often do this in our waking life.When we meet friends,or watch a favorite Tv program from our childhood.It triggers a memory,a feeling.
Often I find people who are most anxious go the deepest.I think they are just waiting for someone to show them how to let go of their weight.
Of course everyone responds at a different rate..Hypnosis is not magic.Hypnotherapy helps you to help yourself.Its not mind control.
I had a client last week who went so deep so quickly.It still impresses me.He had been suffering from anxiety for over 2 yrs.After 20 mins he said he hadn't relaxed like that in over 2yrs.It was the first break he had from his anxiety.Also said he was slightly skeptical about hypnosis at first.He just tried it as a last resort.
He had tried CBT .But it didn't do much for him.
Anxiety treatment that doesn't involve relaxation techniques fall short I believe.
Many of my clients have tried cognitive behavioral psychology.But they found it a bit dry.Don't get me wrong I use some of the CBT techniques myself.But on its own sometimes not enough for anxiety.
Hypnosis really helps to get at the anxiety.Helping the client to work directly on calming their nervous system.
As the client starts to feel less anxious and more relaxed.Then its easier to work on deepers subconscious programs.
I hope this blog helps someone to find relief from their anxiety.Or maybe point them in the right direction.
Majority of my clients don't go past four/five sessions.Hypnosis can treat anxiety so quickly.
Of course as I say everyone is different.Hypnosis is very powerful.But its not magic.Its nothing like what you see on a stage show.
Anxiety is often called "misuse of the imagination "seeing things go wrong before they actually happen. Thoughts can create feeling. Change your imagination through visualisation, see the other side. If you have any questions , please email or just ring me. Always open to having a chat.
All the best and good luck on you journey.
Ger Griffin
Dublin-hypnosis is centrally located in Dublin 4 just at the end of upper baggot street.
Anxiety affects one in 9[estimation,st. patricks mental health services]
Panic attacks,General anxiety disorder,social anxiety,ptsd

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